When you do something amicably, you're doing it politely and nicely. It's best to deal with traffic cops and waiters amicably.

  • Pronunciation: /'æmikəbli/
  • English description: in an amicable manner
  • Synonyms: friendly
  • Chinese Translation: 友善地(you3 shan4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: amistosamente
  • ORIGIN: This word for doing things in a pleasant manner is often used in not so amicable situations. Let's say a couple gets divorced — if they parted amicably, then there wasn't a lot of yelling and screaming, and they both agreed to it. You could say two countries that dislike each other had a meeting of their leaders that was conducted amicably: they were polite and said nice things, even though that's not necessarily how they felt.


  • "The settlement amicably resolves the matter as the most efficient way to minimize cost," the firm said.
  • But with such clear and measurable results, they have not been required, as disputes have been settled amicably.

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