You're bonding with a person or animal when you develop a close emotional connection with them. Touching your tongue to a frozen flagpole is also a way of bonding, though this is not recommended.

  • Pronunciation: /'bɑndɪŋ/
  • English Description: English fastening firmly together
  • Synonyms: soldering
  • Chinese Translation: 联系(lian2 xi4)
  • Spanish Translation: la unión
  • ORIGIN: When the baby hippo in the zoo snuggles up to her mother, they are bonding. And though it may not seem like it, even sitting for hours in the backseat with your annoying little brother is a way of bonding, that is, building a relationship through constant contact. Oh dear, are you still bonding with that flagpole? Here's a tip: pour warm water on your tongue. But don't pull!


  • It was a slightly slower start than freshman-year bonding in the dorm, but I made new friends.
  • Contagious yawning refers to yawning when other people yawn, and it is associated with empathy and bonding.

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