Concomitant means accompanying. If you run into someone that you have a crush on you might feel nervousness with a concomitant forgetfulness.

  • Pronunciation: /kən'kɑmətənt/
  • English Description: any event that usually accompanies or is closely connected with another
  • Chinese Translation: 相伴的(xiang1 ban4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: concomitante
  • STORY: Concomitant is one of those Latin-based words you can break down into little pieces: con means with, and comit means companion. So something that is concomitant is like the companion of the main event. If you start training really hard at the gym, the main effect is that you become stronger, but there are concomitant effects, like better circulation, or a rosy glow, or getting happy from all those endorphins you’re releasing.


  • Such ideas with all their concomitant confusions have taken a powerful hold on our campuses.
  • The difference now is the pace at which new products are developed and refined and a concomitant decrease in useful half-life of mature services.

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