Comport means to behave, and particularly to behave well. If you attend a school for social etiquette, you will learn how to comport yourself properly at the dinner table.

  • Pronunciation: /kəm'pɔːt/
  • English Description: support or hold in a certain manner
  • Chinese Translation: 相称(xiang1 chen4)
  • Spanish Translation: comportar
  • STORY: You’ll usually find comport in one of two phrases: with yourself, himself, etc., as in, "With all that burping, you did not comport yourself well at Aunt Edna’s party," or with the word with. When you see the second version, comport means something more like agree. For example, you could say, "I don’t think your ripped jeans and beat up t-shirt really comport with the guidelines for Casual Friday."


  • Now she must show how her ambitious proposals comport with a sustainable fiscal policy.
  • There are criminal penalties if, say, your food doesn’t comport with posted counts

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