Something incontestable can't be argued with — it's absolutely true or right. It's an incontestable fact that the earth rotates around the sun.

  • Pronunciation: /'ɪnkən'tɛstəbl/
  • English Description: not possible to deny
  • Synonyms: indisputable
  • Chinese Translation: 无可置疑的(wu2 ke3 zhi4 yi2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: incuestionable
  • ORIGIN: You can't dispute something that's truly incontestable, because it's absolutely clear and unmistakably true. The witness to a car accident could say that it's the incontestable fault of the driver who ran a red light. And once you've signed all the necessary forms and been handed the keys, you're the incontestable owner of your new car.Incontestable adds the "not" prefix, in-, to contestable, "opposable," or "arguable."


  • These forces, both positive and negative, have resulted in incontestableattitudinal changes.
  • Such a challenge is overdue: Solitary confinement is incontestably cruel but unfortunately far from unusual.

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