You can filch money, time, and stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it. Filching is stealing, as in "You filched my cookies!"

  • Pronunciation: /fɪltʃ/
  • English Description: make off with belongings of others
  • Synonyms: pinch
  • Chinese Translation: 窃取(qie4 qu3)
  • Spanish Translation: mangar
  • ORIGIN: Doesn't filch just sound kind of dirty? That could be because it's one letter away from filth, but it's also true that stealing is usually considered a dirty, lowdown deed. No one wants their things to be filched. Filching is similar to pilfering, swiping, lifting, and purloining — other words for taking what isn't yours. We've all probably filched at some point, but thieves make a profession out of filching.


  • She tackles him after he is caught filching some grub, prompting my favorite admonishment of the episode, and maybe the entire series thus far.
  • The breach comes on top of a separate intrusion in which personally identifiable information on 4.2 million federal workers was filched from the OPM databases.

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