barrack is a building where military personnel live. It’s usually used in the plural, as barracks. It’s also a verb — when soldiers lodge in barracks, theybarrack there. The word sounds like “bear-ick.”.

  • Pronunciation: /'bærək/
  • English Description: living quarters for personnel on a military post
  • Chinese Translation: 营房(ying2 fang2)
  • Spanish Translation: abuchear
  • STORY: Barrack comes from the Spanish barraca for "soldier's tent." Now it’s more than a tent. Barracks are the buildings where soldiers, commanders, medical staff, and anyone else affiliated with the military lodge. Many barracks are temporary buildings that can be taken down quickly and reassembled elsewhere. Other barracks are more sturdy and permanent, but the people who barrack (stay there) are always people in the military.


  • He is now being held with the other accused former soldiers at a militarybarracks while they wait for trial.
  • It would require the security services to declare that the threat level had dropped sufficiently to allow them to return to barracks.

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