connoisseur is a person who, through study and interest, has a fine appreciation for something, like the connoisseur who can identify the clarinet player on a jazz recording by the sound of his inhalations alone.

  • Pronunciation: /,kɑnə'sɝ /
  • English Description: an expert whose views are taken as definitive
  • Chinese Translation: 行家(hang2 jia1)
  • Spanish Translation: conocedor
  • STORY: A connoisseur is an authority in his field, someone who has expert knowledge and training, especially in the arts. A connoisseur may also be someone with an extremely developed sense of taste, like the connoisseur who can identify rare wine by a flavor others can't even detect. Then again, some people call themselves connoisseurs of just about anything they like — pizza, old vinyl albums, even cartoons — because they know so much about it.


  • Any Deadhead worth his stash is a connoisseur not just of the good stuff but also of the bad—blown choruses, mangled leads, laryngitis, amnesia.
  • Monet was then a struggling artist who was attracting the attention of sophisticated connoisseurs.

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