Anything votive has been dedicated or consecrated as part of the fulfillment of a vow.

  • Pronunciation: /'votɪv/
  • English Description: solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose 
  • Chinese Translation: 奉献的(feng4 xian4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: votivo
  • STORY: This is a word related to vows: sacred promises people make, like wedding vows. A votive candle is lit when a vow is made. A votive altar has been blessed by a holy person and can be used in making religious vows. Many votive things are related to religion, like a votive ceremony related to honoring a saint. Votive activities should not be undertaken lightly, because a vow is more serious than a regular promise.


  • Poster boards with votive candles form hearts, there are silk flowers and red, white and blue balloons.
  • Outside, rotting scraps of clothing hang on a tree, votive offerings from the parents of sick children.

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