The dissolution of a relationship means that it's broken up or ended. The dissolution of your band means you better get started on your solo album.

  • Pronunciation: /,dɪsə'luʃən /
  • English Description: the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid; separation or breakup or divorce
  • Chinese Translation: 解散(jie3 san4)
  • Spanish Translation: disolución
  • STORY: Dissolution comes from the Latin word dissolutio, meaning "a dissolving of something." Dissolution looks very similar to "dissolve," so to help you remember the meaning, think about what happens if you put paper in water — it breaks apart. A dissolution of a marriage is the same thing as divorce. Although it sounds like disillusion, if you try to use them interchangeably, your logic will fall apart.


  • They are convincing and hilarious human characters and also archetypes of dissolution drawn from the history of pop culture.
  • He was interred in a sarcophagus in Reading abbey, which was largely destroyed during the 16th-century dissolution of the monasteries..

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