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To hoard is to save something (or lots of things) for future use. Squirrels hoard nuts for the winter. Old ladies tend to hoard canned food and used plastic bags.

  • Pronunciation: /hɔrd/
  • English Description: a large amount of something valuable that is kept hidden
  • Chinese Translation: 囤积(tun2 ji1)
  • Spanish Translation: acumular
  • STORY: People have been using the word hoard for both "to hide" and "treasure" for centuries; as both a verb and as a noun. Some hoard valuables, such as money, jewelry, and family antiques. Others build up a hoard, or cache, of things that aren't worth money but are important to them — like comic books or match books.


  • At the Code Conference, Williams, who heads Apple’s operations, was asked about industries Apple might pursue with its large cash hoard.
  • Corporate executives and consumers alike became more defensive; they saved and hoarded a bit more.

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