An eruption is an explosion of steam and lava from a volcano. This word is also used for other explosions, such as "an eruption of emotions."

  • Pronunciation: /ɪˈrʌpt/
  • English Description: if fighting, violence, noise etc erupts, it starts suddenly
  • Chinese Translation: 爆发(Bao4 Fa1)
  • Spanish Translation: Erupción
  • STORY: If there's an eruption of a volcano, you don't want to be anywhere near it. When a volcano erupts, it spews a huge amount of lava, ash, and steam into the air. If you were angry at a friend but held your tongue for a long time, then suddenly started yelling in anger, that's an eruption too. The sudden spreading of a disease could be called an eruption. Eruptions are quick, huge, explosive, and dangerous: they're never good news.


  • Violence erupted after police shot a student during the demonstration.
  • They were angry to the point of erupting into riot.

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