If you relay something, you pass it to another person. When you relay the information that your pet monkey is known to attack people to your neighbors, you should bring a basket of muffins.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈriːleɪ/
  • English Description: if people do something in relays, several small groups of them do it, one group after another, so that the activity is continuous
  • Chinese Translation: 接力赛(Jie1 Li4 Sai4)
  • Spanish Translation: relé
  • STORY: Relay comes from the French relayer, which means "to change hounds on a hunt." It still has that sense of something passed in motion. You might run a relay race — each team member carries a baton part-way, then passes it on. We relay news, as when you take a message from Sally and relay it to Harry. A fresh work crew is a relay, and so is an electrical switch that can turn a second circuit on.


  • Arrington's lawsuit disputed the account relayed in the police report, citing "several major discrepancies" that "raise concerns" regarding whether the officers fabricated or withheld evidence.Los Angeles Times May 19, 2015

  • He quickly relayed this news to the other members of staff.

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