If something is sophisticated, it's complicated and intricate. The inner workings of a computer are sophisticated. Sophisticated can also refer to having good taste. Either way, sophisticated things are impressive.

  • Pronunciation: /səˈfɪstɪkeɪtɪd/
  • English Description: having a lot of experience of life, and good judgment about socially important things such as art, fashion etc
  • Chinese Translation: 久经世故的(Jiu3 Jing1 Shi4 Gu4 De)
  • Spanish Translation: sofisticada
  • STORY: Sophisticated systems and objects are complex and tough to understand. High school math is a lot more sophisticated than grammar school math. Driving a car is more sophisticated than riding a bike. People are sophisticated if they have plenty of worldly experience and what is generally regarded as "good taste." Sometimes, that just means they have a lot of money and like things that are fancy. Going to a symphony is considered more sophisticated than going to a rock concert.