If it has to do with the universe, it's cosmic. The planets, for instance, are cosmic bodies.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈkɔzmɪk/
  • English Description: relating to space or the universe or extremely large
  • Chinese Translation: 宇宙的(Yu3 Zhou4 De)
  • Spanish Translation: cósmico
  • STORY:  When you use the word cosmic to describe something big, you often use it with the word, proportions. A big mistake might be an error of cosmic proportions. In the 1960s, when humankind had been exploring space for about 10 years, the word cosmic became commonly used to describe things that might be considered "far out" or groovy. Like wow, man!


  • The moon seems to blot out the sun perfectly, a cosmic coincidence.
  • If life is indeed a cosmic one-off, it makes it all the more important that we act as this planet’s responsible caretakers.

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