What do you have in common with your hamster, a whale, a bat, a giraffe, and the kid who packs your groceries? Everyone is a mammal — a hairy, warm-blooded, milk-drinking vertebrate, just like you.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈmæməl/
  • English Description: a type of animal that drinks milk from its mother's body when it is young. Humans, dogs, and whales are mammals.
  • Chinese Translation: 哺乳动物(Bu3 Ru3 Dong4 Wu4)
  • Spanish Translation: mamíferos 
  • STORY: All mammals are part of the scientific class mammalian, which got its name from the mammary glands used to nourish mammal babies. A note of interest: although a characteristic of mammals is that babies are born live, there’s a group of mammals called monotremes, like the platypus, that lay eggs; but whose young’uns, after they hatch, still get fed mama’s milk. Go figure.


  • The insect lives on small mammals and birds.