A torrent is a heavy rain, or the flooding or wildly-running streams it causes, like the torrent that soaks everyone unlucky enough to be out on the street at that moment.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈtɔrənt/
  • English Description: a large amount of water moving very quickly and strongly in a particular direction
  • Chinese Translation: 洪流(Hong2 Liu2)
  • Spanish Translation: torrente
  • STORY: Because the noun torrent literally means "rushing stream," it is often describes fast-flowing water, like a rainstorm or creeks and rivers that overflow their banks. But the word can also describe any sudden inundation, like a deluge of words or thoughts, like when, in anger, you unleash a torrent of emotional words on your friend. Like a violent storm, you pour those words, not letting up in order to let him or her explain the other side of the story.


  • After five days of heavy rain the Telle river was a raging torrent.
  • When I asked him to move, he unleashed a torrent of abuse.