Emboss means to carve with a design. A silver tray might be embossed with your initials and wedding date. You might give your teacher a plaque with "World's Best Teacher" embossed under their name.

  • Pronuncation: /ɪmˈbɔs/
  • English Description: having a surface that is decorated with a raised pattern
  • Chinese Translation: v. 饰以浮饰(Shi4 Yi3 Fu2 Shi4); 使浮雕出来(Shi3 Fu2 Diao1 Chu1 Lai2)
  • Spanish Translation: repujar
  • STORY: Embossing and engraving have similar effects––a raised surface. But embossing pushes the paper or metal up, working from behind, while engraving actually cuts into the surface, cutting away a bit of the media as it makes its mark.


  • He's often seen in public carrying the hot stuff in a paper travel cup embossed with the White House seal--US News Jan 25, 2015