To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈkwɔrəl/
  • English Description: an angry argument or disagreement
  • Chinese Translation: n/v. 争吵(Zheng1 Chao3); 吵闹(Chao3 Nao4)
  • Spainsh Translation: Pelea
  • STORY: You’re probably familiar with the verb, quarrel, meaning having a disagreement. When there’s a quarrel, there’s anger. As a noun, quarrel, refers to the square-headed arrow shot from crossbow. This meaning of the word comes from the Old French quarel, relating to "square.” If you are quarreling, just don't reach for your crossbow and quarrel.


  • As a rule, Israelis do not like their prime ministers to quarrel with the United States--Newsweek
  • As the two sides quarrel, a backup of ships that extends into the Pacific will only grow--US News