If you twist your body into a contortion, you might put one leg behind your ear, and clasp your arms behind your back. A contortion is a twisted position.

  • Pronunciation: /kənˈtɔːʃən/
  • English Description: a twisted position or movement that looks surprising or strange; when something is twisted so that it does not have its normal shape.
STORY: Yoga can feel like a series of contortions to beginners. People who twist their bodies into contortions professionally are called contortionists. In order to become a contortionist, you need to start with a lot of flexibility and a willingness to contort your body into uncomfortable positions. You then need a lot of practice. It is not easy to achieve a perfectly freakish contortion.



  • There was tumbling, human pyramids and bodies stretched into extraordinary contortions. — BBC (Aug 25, 2013)
  • I could not force my body into the contortions required by classical ballet.