A stockpile is a large amount of something that you save for later. If you're worried about running out of your favorite flavor of bubble gum, you might decide to keep a stockpile of it.

  • Pronunciation: /'stɑkpaɪl/
  • English description: a storage pile accumulated for future use
  • Synonyms: reserve
  • Chinese Translation:  储备物资(chu3 bei4 wu4 zi1)
  • Spanish Translation: la reservas
  • ORIGIN: If you hear the word stockpile on the news, it's probably referring to weapons which are accumulated and saved by a country that might need to use them some day in the future. You can use stockpile to describe the actual cache of weapons and also as a verb, to describe the act of storing them. The word was originally a mining term that literally described a pile of ore. During World War II, stockpile became a more general term.


  • An effort on the part of businesses to align their stockpiles with weaker sales dampened economic activity in the summer.
  • The more waste and scrap Iran generated, the more work would be needed later to shrink its stockpile.

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