Some people have a very distinct gait, or manner of walking or running, which allows you to recognize them from far away.

  • Pronunciation: /ɡet/
  • English description: a person's manner of walking
  • Synonyms: walk
  • Chinese Translation:  步态(bu4 tai4)
  • Spanish Translation: el paso
  • ORIGIN: Walking with two legs is a pretty straightforward task, so most of us (with the exception of runners) don’t think about our own gait very often. However, when four legs are involved, the definition of gait becomes more complex. In horseback riding, gait is used to refer to the particular sequence or pattern of footsteps that the horse is using. Well-known gaits include the trot, the gallop, and the canter.


  • A figure in a windbreaker strides past with a brisk side-to-side gait.
  • But, it was good data to know while I continue to adjust my gait to, well, run smarter.

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