Use the verb douse to describe covering something with water or other liquid. When you're camping, you douse the campfire with water when you're done with it.

  • Pronunciation: /daʊs/
  • English description: wet thoroughly
  • Synonyms: dowse
  • Chinese Translation:  浇(jiao1)
  • Spanish Translation: empapar
  • ORIGIN: Douse often involves water, but you could also douse your French fries in ketchup. Douse can describe the act of extinguishing a candle, or even turning off a light. You might douse your bedroom light when it's time to sleep or simply douse a candle by blowing it out. To pronounce douse correctly, remember that it rhymes with mouse.


  • It took about 10 minutes to douse the flames, which sent a huge plume of black smoke drifting over the beach.
  • Smelling like a cesspool, I staggered into the house and took pieces of rags, doused them in water and wiped myself, but the stench remained.

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