Someone who's jolly is extremely cheerful. Your jolly French teacher might spend a large part of each class laughing out loud at his own jokes — if only you understood French, you could laugh along with him.

  • Pronunciation: /'dʒɑli/
  • English description: full of or showing high-spirited merriment
  • Synonyms: merry
  • Chinese Translation:  愉快的(yu2 kuai4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: alegre
  • ORIGIN: Santa Claus might be the mythical figure best known for being jolly — he's especially famous for his jolly "Ho ho ho!" Anyone who tends to be merry or festive is jolly, and when you want to cheer up a less-than-jolly friend, you can jolly them, teasing or kidding until they smile. The Old French root is jolif, "festive, merry, or pretty.".


  • In Hollywood, the Jolly Old Elf has a serious dark side on occasion and that is represented in the supercut, too.
  • Notice that he manages to maintain his jolly equanimity even when being vilified.

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