You might like your manager, but if you exalt her, it means you really put her on a pedestal and treat her like royalty.

  • Pronunciation: / ɪɡ'zɔlt/
  • English description: praise, glorify, or honor
  • Synonyms: extol
  • Chinese Translation:  盛赞(sheng4 zan4)
  • Spanish Translation: exaltar
  • ORIGIN: To exalt is to hold or raise someone up to a high position or status. It doesn't have to mean literally putting that person into a high position, but instead treating them almost like nobility. Overly doting parents exalt their infant to the point where they praise him every time he wets his diaper and call the neighbors over every time he coos.


  • The dollar lost a bit of its exalted status last week and the Chinese renminbi gained some luster.
  • Cakes and cookies are exalted—a gift of both labor and sweetness—so good a smart woman is willing to give herself to them.

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