The adjective ajar describes something that is slightly open. A door that has been left ajar is easily pushed open by the wind or a nosy person.

  • Pronunciation: /ə'dʒɑr/
  • English description: slightly open
  • Synonyms: unfastened
  • Chinese Translation:  半开的(ban4 kai1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: to crumple
  • ORIGIN: To correctly pronounce ajar, say "uh-JAR." People in a hurry leave drawers and cabinet doors ajar, or hanging open. If a chime starts ringing when you start a car, a door or the trunk may be ajar. Check that everything is securely closed before taking off. But don't describe a mouth that is open in surprise as ajar. A better word choice is agape.


  • But when the officers went to the apartment from which the call had been placed, they found it empty, with the door left ajar.
  • He testified that he arrived at the apartment to find the door ajar and that he walked down the hall to Willingham’s bedroom.

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