A sociopath is a person with a mental illness that manifests in extremely antisocial behavior and the inability to distinguish right from wrong. You're probably right to be afraid of asociopath.

  • Pronunciation: /'sosɪopæθ/
  • English description: someone with a sociopathic personality; a person with an antisocial personality disorder (`psychopath' was once widely used but has now been superseded by `sociopath')
  • Synonyms: psychopath
  • Chinese Translation:  反社会的人(fan3 she4 hui4 de ren2)
  • Spanish Translation: el sociópata
  • ORIGIN: Pathology means illness, and so socio- pathology means social illness. If someone is a sociopath, that means that they have a social sickness––they lack the ability to be social. Many movies and TV crime shows feature plots involving sociopaths, but hopefully the TV is the only place you ever encounter sociopaths.


  • Hardy infuses him with enough lonely, belligerent conviction that he comes across not just as a self-justifying coward, but a true sociopath.
  • The problem isn’t with passengers, though the evidence demonstrates that many passengers are little better than sociopaths acting only for their own good.

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