Congeal means to jell — to solidify or become gelatinous. Sounds gross? But wiggly Jell-O is actually congealed liquid, so it can't be that bad, right?.

  • Pronunciation: /kən'dʒiːl/
  • English description: become gelatinous
  • Synonyms: jell
  • Chinese Translation:  凝结(ning2 jie2)
  • Spanish Translation: coagularse
  • ORIGIN: This word comes to us from the Old French word congeler, which means "to freeze." So when something congeals it goes from liquid to solid form, almost like freezing. No one usually likes congealed anything — whether it's chunkified old soup in the fridge or dried blood on a wound. See? Pretty gross. Jell-O is about as good as congealed gets!.


  • The gathering consensus that Rubio is the candidate to beat officially congealed into the prevailing conventional wisdom following’s Rubio’s latest sharp debate performance.
  • The glue congealed into a light gray material with the strong smell of rotten eggs.

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