Distributive is an adjective describing the dispensing or doling out of things. In the winter during cold season, a teacher becomes a distributive source of facial tissue for all the students.

  • Pronunciation: /dɪ'strɪbjətɪv/
  • English description: serving to distribute or allot or disperse
  • Synonyms: allocable
  • Chinese Translation:  分配的(fen1 pei4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: distributivo
  • ORIGIN: The word distributive may come from the late Latin distributivus,which means "divided up." Distributive has another meaning, which concerns the sales of goods to companies or consumers. For example, if stores run out of pink sweaters for a month while more pink sweaters sit idle in warehouses, the pink sweater industry probably has a distributive problem.


  • The authors also find that when the public is aware of distributive effects of tax benefits, it shifts support.
  • The best case for changing the tax treatment of carried interest has always been grounded in arguments about fairness and distributive justice, not revenue.

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