A formal discussion between enemies or opponents is called a parley. A British drummer called for a parley between the British and American armies in 1781, and officers from both sides then discussed the terms of Britain's surrender.

  • Pronunciation: /'pɑrli/
  • English description: a negotiation between enemies
  • Synonyms: negotiation
  • Chinese Translation:  谈判(tan2 pan4)
  • Spanish Translation: parlamentar
  • ORIGIN: Parley can also be used as a verb, meaning to discuss or negotiate, such as between enemies or opponents. If your siblings are fighting, you may need to encourage them to parley in another room in order to discuss their differences and hopefully settle the problem once and for all.


  • She had parleyed her overwhelming curiosity and political astuteness into a career transforming boutique biotech companies into global players.
  • A lot of people carry over assignments from their old company, while others parley their personal interests into a moneymaking gig.

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