Rivalry is the act of competing for the same thing against another person. Your rivalry with your older sister is amusing to the family but very annoying to her.

  • Pronunciation: /'ænθəm/
  • English description:  the act of competing as for profit or a prize
  • Synonyms: competition
  • Chinese Translation:  竞争(jing4 zheng1)
  • Spanish Translation: la rivalidad
  • ORIGIN: Rivalry comes from the noun rival, the person you compete against. Often a rivalry starts when people want the same reward — and their talents are just about equal. Your rivalry for the lead in the play at the local theater isn't between you and George Clooney — it's between you and the other guy who also had a great audition.


  • Authorities have said the incident apparently was spurred by a football rivalry, although Carter maintains that it was a joke.
  • But it's a good rivalry: fun, not bitter, added spice rather than actual hatred.

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