To traipse is to walk around with a sloppy or aimless attitude. A bored high school student might traipse through a museum on a class trip, for example.

  • Pronunciation: /treps/
  • English description:  walk or tramp about
  • Synonyms: shlep
  • Chinese Translation:  闲逛(xian2 guang4)
  • Spanish Translation: estar en danza
  • ORIGIN: When you traipse, you trudge in an exhausted or reluctant way. Picture several kids dutifully following their dad along a hiking path or walking a mile to school, and you'll have a good idea of what traipse means. We've used the word since the 16th century, but its origin isn't certain. Some scholars think traipse comes from the French trepasser, "to pass over," while others believe it started as an example of onomatopoeia, a word that sounds like what it means.


  • In real life, an all-white group of friends traipsing around the border would be a rarity.
  • In summer, they’ll traipse down a staircase that winds through lush undergrowth and dappled sunlight.

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