A fraud is a something that deceives or tricks another person, usually to get their money. Frauds are dishonest.

  • Pronunciation: /frɔd/
  • English description: intentional deception resulting in injury to another person
  • Synonyms: crime
  • Chinese Translation:  诈骗(zha4 pian4)
  • Spanish Translation: el fraude
  • ORIGIN: A fraud is something that sounds too good to be true — because it isn't. If you're promised millions of dollars by anyone on the Internet, that's got to be a fraud. Anyone trying to sell you a bridge is committing fraud. Identity theft is a type of fraud. Democrats and Republicans frequently accuse the other party of fraud when it comes to counting votes. You can also tell a person who is fake or an impostor is a fraud.


  • The result was dangerous, haphazard construction and wide spread fraud, but also a kind of prosperity and growth.
  • She starts her term one month after her husband completed his 2½-year sentence on a fraud conviction for the illegal spending.

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