A glint is a brief flash or flicker of light. You might enjoy gazing at the glint of light on the water as you lie on the beach in the summer time.

  • Pronunciation: /ɡlɪnt/
  • English description: a momentary flash of light
  • Synonyms: flicker
  • Chinese Translation:  闪光(shan3 guang1)
  • Spanish Translation: el destello
  • ORIGIN: You can use the word glint as a noun or a verb: your brother's braces might glint in the afternoon sun, and freshly fallen snow sometimes glints under streetlamps at night. Glint is a Scottish word, first coined in the late 1700s, that comes from the Middle English glenten, "gleam, flash, or glisten." Its ultimate root is Scandinavian, possibly from the same root as the word glass.


  • She pointed my way, her extended arm all I could see other than the diamonds glinting in her ears.
  • Glints of colour, purple saxifrage, sphagnum moss, the reddening leaves of the bilberry.

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