More than just a beach scene

Sometimes we are inspired by a gorgeous scene, then try to express it by using words. Writing poetry is one of best ways to express our inner thoughts and emotions. It is good to pour our anger, sadness and stressful emotions into a poem. It might not turn out a great poem, but it sure can make you feel better later. Rick has shared with us some pictures of the Ventura beach near his place and the poem he wrote. What emotions can you read from his words?

The sun rises over the land below, never stopping to see or hear the things I know. 

For as it rises into the midday sky, it is already begun it’s flight to another place

So temporary it seems, this life giving source,  yet daily, it makes this faithful journey

Until the end, when it’s last rays kiss the earth beneath it, and we feel the warmth of its fading color

And as the sun rises and falls in its journey each day, so to our spirits and faith will be renewed, everlasting and full of wonder