Logo Design Competition Voting Page

Welcome to our voting page and we very much appreciate your participation in shaping the future of our international organization.  Also thanks so much to our participants who provided some very creative and great inputs.  Everyone is a winner in this contest, and all participants will receive a prize, however we need your help in identifying the top three selections.  We will allow voters until the 5th of July, my time midnight, (Pacific Standard Time) to provide us their input.  At that time, we will review the results and post them on 7th July, 8pm (Pacific Standard Time).  After the results have been announced, winners will be notified separately on the process for delivery of their prizes. Please remember that inputs will be judged by three separate teams: the overall membership team (represented through our SKYPE group chat members/registered members),  the National Points of Contacts and the Core Leadership Team.



The logo is a globe with a team of four people around it. The various colors represent the diversity of the people in the world.  They also symbolize the four areas that the group focuses on: education, wellness, travel and career. The logo basically shows a group of multi faceted people around the globe helping each other to be successful.

The letter e which stands for English Language , and the colors blue and green make the round logo look like the globe.  The people around the world are able to communicate with each other through the universal language. The group also helps people to improve their English Language skills.