Online Mock Interview Services Coming To A Computer or Smartphone Near You

Hi, we will be initiating some additional services in the near future, including opportunities to conduct Mock Interviews.  These are great for anyone that wants to build their confidence in preparing for an successful interview, whether online, on the phone, or in person.  Additionally, these are also helpful if you have not done one in a while, and want to have a refresher course.  In addition to this, we will be adding other valuable services in the near future, such as Mentoring, English Language Support and Travel Support.

Online Mock Interview - Recording File

Other Important News:

  • Sunita recently lost her father, and we wish her and her family strength and our caring wishes through this hard time
  • Thanh, whom has been with us since the beginning, has had some medical problems so we wish her a safe and speedy recovery
  • Miranda, who was pretty sick for a while, is better now, so we hope that she continues to get better
  • Two of our recent members, Mohamed (from Egypt) and Ibrahim (from Saudi Arabia) recently told us about some major and positive changes in their life with being more physically fit and in better health, maybe they will share their story one day :)


  • Maria Rosa, Portugal
  • Ibrahim, Egypt
  • Daylight, Albania
  • Leilani, USA
  • Kiyan Khan, India