Country Page Development Guideline



This is a guide we have developed to help our organizational members develop the Country Pages. Below are some of the ideas that you could share about your country. If you are not able to provide all the information listed below, you can choose which sections you would like to write about. In addition, you can share other interesting information as long as it does not violate our Terms and Condition (click here.) Or if you want, you can team up with other countrymen/women and work on the project together. Just let us know if you have any problems in developing this information.

Country Names

  • The name of the country you are writing about

Flag picture

  • The picture of your country flag

Special information of your country

  • Are there any special things about your country that may impress people after hearing of it. Please share with us


  • There are some ideas that you can write about:

    - When was your country established?
    - Which period do you think is the most memorable?
    - Which battle is the best splendid one?
    - Or you can show the timelines of different periods in your country.

Festival, Holidays, National events

  • What are special days in your country? What do people do on those days?
  • Are there any long vacations? Which one is your favorite?


  • Which main language is used in your country? Is there a second language?
  • Is your mother language affected by any other languages?
  • What are some common phrases used in your language?

Typical Food & Meals

  • Please let us know some specialties.
  • If you are fond of cooking, why don't share with us your recipe. :)

Interesting places

  • If I visit your country, which place should I go?
  • What are famous zoos, forest, or rivers worth seeing?

Some Useful Phrases

  • Please let us know some useful phrases in your mother language. Don't forget to write the English translation.


  • Feel free to write about things I did list above as long as you think they are necessary for others know about your country.


  • Prepare the information in doc. file and place the picture next to the information you want to relate. Besides, please attach the original image files (type .jpg, .gif, etc.)
  • When submitting pictures, please provide images that have a rectangular shape, in a 'landscape' orientation.
  • Please write the source if you get the information or the picture from somewhere.
  • Please do not provide pictures that are not copyright protected or else we cannot publish on the website.
  • Fonts and colors for text: since our web just uses simple colors, do not spend a lot of time on special font colors etc. You can create bullets, bold the text or make them italics. Those simple formats work fine in our web.
  • Send to my mail : with Title of your country name, your name, your Skype or mail.