If Technology Allowed Human Cloning, should it be done?

Date: Sunday March 8th 2015

Participants (from 9 countries):

Argentina: Johny | Spain: Oscar | Bangladesh: Ripon (but going to school in Australia for his PHD) | China: Judie, Trista, Miranda, Haru | Malaysia: Anisu | Indonesia: Lina | India: Kadirvelu | Mozambique: Faustino

Most people felt that cloning humans would not be good, because they thought that within a person, there is a soul, and that this cannot be duplicated in a human clone.  Johny was really good at getting people to explain this part :).  Some felt it would be good, even for society, that having a clone would allow more people to help those that needed it (Judie brought this up).  Great chat.

Whether or not, if Technology Allowed Human Cloning, if it should be done - Recording FIle

So......top news, once against, congratulations to Ripon for his safe arrival at Queensland University to do his PHD.  Also, really nice to hear from Anisu from Malaysia, its been a while because she has been busy in school but nice to hear her voice and that she is doing good.

And we have two new members, including Ada, who Qiuqiu recommended to the group.   She is Chinese but living in Ireland.

And also welcome to our first new member from the country of Mozambique, Faustino.

Some of these updates will be captured in our Website

Last but not least for this evening, had a chance to talk with Nacer from Morocco about his acceptance as the National Point of Contact for his country.   Should anyone have a question about Morocco (if you are interested in the culture etc or if you are planning a trip there) please contact Nacer.  His contact information will be posted on the website.