The Beach and The Moment


Sunday morning, the beach

The night not yet gone, moon reflecting in the sea, but the day beginning

The world caught in the middle, the time of day when the transition to light begins, and the darkness slowly relenting its release on the earth below. 

In the northeastern sky, the moon still full, over the mountains high, the beginning of the dawn, the sun secretly probing its rays into the sky.

As I stood there, with my fishing pole in the water, looking around me, taking in the natural beauty around me, seals poked their heads out of the water and dolphins swam by. 

I stood there, a solitary figure silhouetted against the dawning day, sea gulls and pelicans fly over me, heading towards the ocean, darkness now a light gray. 

It was then that I noticed, down the beach away, a couple stood, embracing, sharing with me, and the magic of the dawning day.  As I glanced their way, not wishing to intrude, I couldn’t help but notice that they appeared as a union of one, not two.

It was as though, the embrace in the morning’s chill, was not meant to heed off the cold, as it was as much to share the union of souls. 

As I glance away, looking off the rising sun, I noticed the ocean waves, softy breaking on the sandy shore, a soothing and peaceful sounds, as they too conspired to enhance the moment. 

It was a mosaic of nature, painted in the soft, now blue sky, the few billowy clouds drifting, the orange and scarlet hew cast over the horizon, and my eye, now drawn back to the couple, for they, indeed were why.

They were why the ocean and sky, were all a stage, on which god’s creations were giving a private showing.  For in those moments, this couple on the beach, were not only a part of the natural beauty all around, but gave strength to it through their bond, their love manifested through the beauty surrounding them.

Maybe this couple is here every weekend, maybe this is their first time, but in looking their way, for them every time is their first time.  The wonder and excitement in the pelican flying formation overhead, or the finger pointing and laughter follows the seals and dolphins playing nearby.

I realized at that time, that I was just another part of the stage on which the creatures around me played, the solitary fisherman, standing alone at the edge of the sea. 

But alone in body, not in heart, for when you are part of the creator’s stage, from creature to creature, you can never be apart.  In those moments, life is as it should be, and for the couple near me, love was at it was meant to be. 

When I turned back to look at them one more time, they were gone, now just figures in the distance, and now the moment is mine, to share with the creator, and his stage around me.