Resume/Cover letter Service

As a part of our effort to provide premium services in helping people succeed in their professional career, we will be offering Resume/Cover letter Services. 

Because every job is different, some basic information will be required and this service may require more than one session to complete. 

In most cases these services will be online, via SKYPE, and will consist of the following:

  • Free Consultation (15 Minutes) - Conducted as separate session
    • During this session the Coach will discuss major points of developing an effective Resume and/or Cover letter, review information provided in the attached form, and schedule the follow-up session
  • Paid Sessions will be conducted as follows
    • Review of draft Resume/Cover-letter (30 minutes)
      This includes documenting any required corrections etc.
    • Schedule a final review date (if required)
    • Review of final Resume/Cover-letter (30 minutes) 


  • Audio Recording
  • Draft Resume/Cover-letter
  • Final Resume/Cover-letter

To request this service:

1.       Use the Appointment Scheduling tool to verify availability of the Coach and to schedule your time
Once you have scheduled an appointment (remember, consultation is free, fees only apply to paid sessions), fees for this service will be placed into a holding account, and not released to the mentor, until the services have been completed
2.       Fill out the attached form to provide some basic background information
3.       Once the Resume/Cover-letter Service has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation E Mail with the date and time

Please take a moment to fill out the following form to help us prepare for your Resume/Cover-letter Service. This will allow us to develop an effective Resume/Cover-letter. We are not responsible for any missing information if it is not provided to us.