Dreams 'N Motion™ - Disclaimer/Refund Policy

Refunds policies will be in effect for 30 days from purchase, and will apply to both services and/or products purchased from Dreams 'N Motion™.  All refunds for products or services purchased through Dreams 'N Motion™ will require proof of purchase.

1. Store Products


For products purchased in our online Store and sold through a third party Company (Spreadshirt.com), refer to the refund policies identified in the site.

2. Paid Services:


The quality of the service and audio recording may be affected by things beyond our control, such as internet connection,background noise (on client’s end) or other technical issues. 

  • In the event that there are technical or internet stability issues, the teacher/tutor shall do everything possible to re-initiate the session with the student, including a minimum of three (3) call attempts.  If the teacher/tutor is unsuccessful in this attempt to re-establish a session, he/she shall try to reschedule a minimum of one (1) time to complete the remainder of the class.
  • If the student is able to provide data/evidence that internet stability issues were as a result of the teacher/tutor's connection, they will be entitled to a free session, but only after the aforementioned action has been attempted.
  • As an issue log will be maintained to track sessions, if it is noted that a student has a reoccurring problem with his/her internet connection, Dreams 'N Motion shall not be responsible for uncompleted sessions.
  • If the service provider fails to make the scheduled appointment on time, service fees will be refunded and the client can elect to have this service provided free of charge, based on mentor availability.
  • If the client fails to make the scheduled appointment, and fails to notify the mentor 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment, service fees in the holding account will be released to Dreams 'N motion™.

3. Late or missing refunds (if applicable)


If you haven’t received a refund within 48 hours of notification by Dreams 'N Motion™ that a refund is in process, contact us immediately at info@globalenglishgroup.com.


Your personal information will be used according to our Privacy Policy present in our Terms and Conditions, to process your refund.