Physical Fitness and Wellness Service

As a part of our effort to provide premium services in helping people succeed in their physical fitness and wellness goals, we will be offering online services to support these goals.  Because everyone is different and each person deserves a personalized approach, our mentor will review the information you have provided and conduct an initial consultation to develop a customized plan. 

These services will be online, via SKYPE, and will consist of the following:

Two level of services will be provided:

1. Basic (Mentorship, Lifestyle Coaching)
b. Premium (Certified Instructors)

  • Initial free consultation to develop an customized approach (30 minutes)
  • Additional paid sessions as identified in the plan (30 minutes minimum each session but can be extended based on service provider and request agreement)


  • Personalized Plan or Lifestyle Management Recommendations
  • Results Monitoring (based on information obtained from service requester)
  • Video/Audio files as recorded and requested
  • Program Completion Certificate


To request this service:

  1. Use the Appointment Scheduling tool to verify availability of Mentor and to schedule your time Once you have scheduled an appointment (remember, consultation is free, fees only apply to paid sessions), fees for this service will be placed into a holding account, and not released to the mentor, until the services have been completed
  2. Fill out the attached form to provide some basic background information for the Mentor to develop an initial plan for you
  3. Once the Physical Fitness/Wellness Service has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation E Mail with the date and time