Jealousy Is Never A Healthy Emotion

This is the title of a debate we held on Skype. Dreams ‘N Motion does not make such a claim, we just propose the topic and listened to what our members think about it.

Despite the large number of people who would agree with the topic, and whether it is about romantic relationships, friendship, business, relatives or other; we find many who would disagree. In this debate we’ve heard of many examples for both sides and for some people, the conclusion would rather be what they don’t expect.

We invite you to listen to the debate and compare with your own opinions. Does the the degree of jealousy matters? Is the way people deal with the key? Feel free to comment below what your thoughts are about the topic or about what someone have said in the video.

How Does Jealousy And Envy Impact Relationships?

While jealousy and envy are normal emotions, when adults express them negatively they can come off as petty and childish. Many relationships are affected by the way these emotions are expressed.
Although a large number of people believe that these emotions can definitely ruin a relationship, whether it is a romantic one, friendship, business, parent-child or other; there are still quite a few people who would argue the opposite. It all seems to depend on the circumstances each individual finds himself/herself in; as well as how that person deals with the feeling itself.
Many members have expressed their experiences and their opinion about this and it is interesting to find how different we all approach the issue.

We invite you to listen to what they have to say about it and feel free to leave our comments:

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Principles-Guided Life. Meaning, Importance And Consequences.

Everyone should think thoroughly about what principles are running our lives, because we use those principles to make important decisions that will affect our and other people’s lives. You would think that when you live a principle-based life, all your decisions suddenly become a lot easier, maybe because you can ignore the stress and let your principles guide your decision making. However, life always manages to put us in situations where we cannot always do this. It’s just not that simple.

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Is Punishment Effective In Promoting Good Behavior?

Many professionals advise to try to ignore people's bad behavior and reward their good behavior in order to have better results. As most of you may already know, this is sometimes easier said than done. After all, bad behavior can be so irritating that it is difficult not to respond to, that is, to ignore. It takes real discipline.

Listen to what our members have to say about this topic.

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How Do We Create A Society Where All People Have Emotional, Physical And Mental Well-being? What Changes Do We Need To Make To Our Policies And Laws?

We thought it was important to talk about this since we have many members from different parts of the world who have their own contribution to bring up factors that impact the different societies around the world.

The objective of this session was to evaluate whether it is feasible for policy and law makers to examine and apply principles of well-being in a given society.

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