Welcome to the Dreams 'N Motion Tunisia site.


Dreams 'N Motion has been helping people from around the world for more than 4 years to be successful with quality and professionalism and the wish that they can forge their own path in life with a little bit of work and courage. This time Dreams 'N Motion opens a new door of opportunities by establishing its first offshore facility in Tunisia. 


What we do

We transform dreams into international opportunities by offering courses according to people's needs by a combination of preparation in the English language and cultural exchange.



Why study in the USA?

35 of the top 50 ranked and internationally recognized universities are located in the USA.  Graduating with a degree from these universities can lead to quality career opportunities.  Additionally, the USA is one of the most culturally diversified countries in the world and can offer a chance for both professional and personal growth.

Why learn English?

First of all, it is the number one language used for international travel and business.  


Secondly, having a good command of English can help you to study abroad or find a great career. 





Why our English courses are different:

  • We teach you how to use English in practical situations.
  • We count with Native Teachers.
  • We work with a Professional Staff and Individual Assistance.
  • We offer posibilities to Study in The U.S.A.



Have a better career!!

Developing your skills in writing an effective CV or in having a more successful interview are critical towards having a better career.  In today’s competitive job environment, you will need strong career development skills to stand out from the others.  Learn key words and how to apply them: Initiative, Dynamic, Team player, Proactive and Self-driven.

Our workshops can help you with:


• Problem Solving
• Team Work
• Communication
• Leadership
• Organization
• Confidence Building

• Critical thinking enhancing

• Open doors to different opportunities


What do you need?


Nothing other than the will to learn and improve your language skills for an affordable fee.


In Dreams 'N motion we offer you a unique way to learn and further your career as well as your future.
See the different courses and evaluate the possibilities that you find here.

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