Welcome to the The Dreams 'N Motion's tutoring/teaching booking system.

We offer a variety of English supports and services online which you can book from here.

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To request this service you'd need to:

Select the service you would like, then use the Appointment Scheduling tool to verify availability of a Tutor/Teacher and to schedule your appointment.  Please remember that the free consultation is for one (1) time only.

Fill out the attached form to provide some basic background information.

Once the English Support Service has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation E Mail with the date and time.

Our services are focused on helping those with very little knowledge of the English language, as well as to the more advanced students. Additionally we will offer specialized services. In most cases, these services will be conducted online, via SKYPE or other digital communication services. In general, these services will consist of:


certificate Audio Recording of Lessons (as agreed between Student and Tutor/Teacher)

certificate Initial and Final Assessment of Proficiency Level

certificate Periodic Progress Updates